Friday, December 30, 2011

Fwd: hatred and love

Jose Sanchez

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its no wonder we are still fighting, we both still have so much anger left over from the fighting that has ceased...i honestly thought we were beyond that but apparently i was sooo wrong...she still doesnt see her role in the problems we have as being legitimate...its still all my choice placed us here not her choices to push and continue to push me over the edge those choices had nothing to do with the incident...just like her continued lies and subliminals have.nothing to do with why i.still have a lack of trust in her words or feeling more and more secure in letting go completely...allowing her to push for and succeed at obtaining a divorce...i can continue to fight for our marriage surviving but id be the only one fighting for it...shes lost to me and ive been soooo blinded by the words of hope that i havent heard it in the.crawl spaces of silence held between time this coming year ill sacrifice as i have always done and make her exit possible so she can then be happy, single and without blame for why we are divorced...i want my name back in return and her to take the majority of carr of our children because i fear what i will feel after the divorce may affect how i raise our children after...that fear of my resentment and anger has thus far shielded me from what is essentially the truth, we have been over for little over a year now...we have just never made it official...the separation hasnt been to get some perspective it has been to make a divorce as amicable as humanly possible wen two people still carry.some love.and hope in their hearts for a better relationship with each other...and maybe the divorce will bring that about...the closing of the door of our union may bring about the opening of the door to a deeper friendship and coparenting that is just as effective and nuturing as we have been able to provide thus far but without the unspoken resentment we both have.over still being with one another...i dont know anything anymore...but i do know that we are not making it as a couple not because we dont want to but because it just isnt something we both want as we look upon each.other...we are further apart than we have been before the kids and even further apart than we have been after the incident...the past still haunts our relationship and im assured that the stain of the past will never be wiped clean i will always be the monster, i will always be that matter how i try or dont react i will never recover the injuries i have serves me right...i should have died that day, that much of me did die in the past year never to be heard from much of my spirit has been torn apart that when i look upon my reflection im not sure of what i see...i have become a distorted version of myself, lost in the mired ugliness of the past...the person i was, am, is not close to the image of my true self...i still hold a high self worth, and a good self esteem about my progress as a man and father and husband...i have my failings and my faults, but the equality of a partner who can and does accept me at my best and worst is still not i must move beyond the hope of finding thay acceptance in her eyes and heart...i have apologized to her, to myself...i have forgiven myself and asked for forgiveness from her...but i can't no longer hold out hope that that forgiveness will ever come...we have reached that point where there is no other place to go but away from each other becuase we would just continue to pollute each others lives to the point of insanity...and i cant afford to go crazy or go backwards to the point where my body begins to fail me again...this is my plan to save myself from the pit of despair the blackness that has been surrounding me..that sense of darkness that comes when you have lost faith in yourself...i was there before...i cant go back...i love the light of my life i love the sunshine that has begun to show me that the storm that has been punishing me is almost life is not in shambles, i just havent recovered enough of it to carry myself past the hurt and anger...and is both our faults...she wants it to either be all mine or all hers...or simply to not exist...blame does exist hurt and anger as well...but it is a choice to continue to weild them as such or to let them go so that you can movr forward...i must let her go so that i can move forward

Jose Sanchez

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