Saturday, December 31, 2011

progress is makin da choice to move forward

its a sad moment expressed in quiet as i have no more tears for a heartbreak that has been going on for ova a im letting go of the hope of a reunion..i will continue on the plan for the new year, get myself together so that i can be a better more stronger version of me will be hard to let go complety i have no illusions about the road ive entered on but its a necessary step for me to clear my life of things that hinder my growth...i have occupied to much of my life holding an image of a family heart is heavy with the thoughts of walking away from thag image but i have to if im ever going to be able to sit among them and not feel so crushed by the want of that image to be a reality...ending the year with this decison has awakened a part of me that i had thought was lost to me, i have found and regained some semblence of me and refuse to go back to this old sad sorry me that has held me in a dark place filled with despair and illness...entering the year ready to make the tough decisions has enabled me to breathe a little bit easier and i accept the blame that is sure to be hurled at me stemming from this choice and as with all the wrongs placed at my feet i will deal with it, i am the bastard of old values and that will.never is fighting to stay together, but there is no love here anymore, so the fight is over all spectators have.already left in the ring ok with that...

Jose Sanchez

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