Wednesday, August 1, 2012

last breath...unheard

I had been going round and round in circles tracing the steps of the past searching for the end of the many hurts feet carving my grave in the steady progression of spiraling stupidity i used to call living
my swag was high higher even than my consciousness so high was my supposed swag that i mistook me for the sun and thought myself to be the glory even on my knees tossing up the abuse ingested and dealt out i prayed to myself for salvation clasping my greedy palms together squeezing the liquid gold from the penny patch held consumable drug i possessed i mouthed the words see me through to the other side and i promise to stop the travesty of my life right here at this point and change directions only to find i was too broke to complete the course and resumed the trek of self deprecation three snorts, thirty inhales and thirty swallows consumed constipation soon to be zombie life drudgery i made the 360 look special, fly even...but like most with the ignorance to say yo he totally changed he was once doing this and then did a 360 and now is doing so much better....i had confused the view of the circle to mean i had came out on the otherside smelling like a saint, washed anew from head to toe...that was till i ran into the bullet that really spun me around, then upside down....choking on my breath i now pray, i now see that the sun is soo much brighter than the dullness i was and will never be grave already dug, im finished and these words travel on the winds of my last breath unheard

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