Monday, July 18, 2011


jus because i wish it so doesnt mean itll happen...lesson to be relearned...she had plans i didnt remember and instead of communicating that she rehashes the same day was long...and so what...outside of ur meeting what did u really do that was sooo tiring...nothing...u took care of ur do the same, xcept my day usually begins and ends with them, urs dont...get over the negative and back to the am i wrong for supporting her wish to do these open mike sessions, by saying ur relieved...go take care of u for tonite i forgot this was a commitment u made for self...y doesnt she see that instead of it being that im shoving her day itll all make sense...on a positive note ive begun online sessions with a single mothers group that has renewed my dedication to taking this seperation for what it is a transition to a better me, a better her and hopefully a better us even if the us isnt together...the insights were on point and honest because they came from ppl going through or have been through much of what im currently going was lovely to finally put it all out there...and my aim for tonite was to sit down with her and put our seperation on paper so its concrete about what we expect from each other during this trial seperation...alas all she got from it was the potential of an arguement cuz she isnt ready to face the situation head on...we shall see wed...

Jose Sanchez

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