Wednesday, July 6, 2011


i sit here trying to watch tv...but my daughter is writhing in pain from being bit up by mosquitos...sad to say that this week i dropped the ball with so many big things going on i left out simple summer time protection for my lil girl...i kno i make it seem so major, and in this context it seems so minor...and it is a very minor thing...calamine lotion, and off skintastic and i have my fix...but in da future i have to be better at organizing the small things as well as the big things in my life...on another note today was my sons first official day at school, it began as i expected excitement before entering the building then sadness as he realized i was leaving and he was staying...but after five minutes his natural survivor instinct took over and he insulated his feelings and attended class...we spoke wen i picked him up, over ice cream he told me wat made his day and wat didnt work for was a singular powerful moment of being a great dad...on a personal front i passed the hurdle of the city exam...92.5 great score and now validated with the prospect of being able to provide a full and comfortable life for my kids and myself...i can breath a bit easier...this year has had its high and low points but im finally coming out of the valley and approaching the climb bak to the vista that was my life...with the added beauty of my present life now...daringmetobme has now become beingmeisdaonlymeiaimtobe...

Jose Sanchez

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