Friday, July 1, 2011


it is what it was a beautiful day of being..for the second day in a row we went to the movies...transformers came need for 3D...the movie was fantastic...crowded...and we had to look up to watch it...but it was soo worth the neck stretch...then it was the time we finally arrived home the kids were beat as was i...four thirty...whoa imagine being around ur children from 730 till four thats a job, at the very least its a shift...dinner was recieved with lukewarm responses...they liked da rice but the shrimp wasnt happening...nxt time i and snack time as always no problem...nine oclock sleep r sleep by 930...this is my wonderful world of getting good at this...soon i should have the day mastered like a swiss army with the hiccups of the day...nothing short of an earthquake could have made my day worse...i think ive finally made it out of my cloudy, gloomy mindset and have settled into the calm of my days...

Jose Sanchez

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