Friday, July 8, 2011


right word wrong construct...i am desperate to totally give over to getting my family out of this hole we've been in...i want so much to taste fresh air, that every oppurtunity is a chance to stay alive in this life, im needed here, i matter pleas to you is patience and peace...doors r opening for me, pls allow me the chance to do wat ur doin getting the chance to live da life u want for u minus me...these doors that are opening will give u the chance, the oppurtunity to do more to get back to you, at least the you you want to be sans chez...i love that name...i love you..and just want to give you what you i plead wit you to work with me im settling a lot of shit so we can be free to be ourselves without clashing...if we're serious about getting niya out of that care, and our children out of that atmosphere, then give me support to plant my foot somewhere...shit two pay periods...after that we can put together a real plan to do just that...our son is taking care of, our daughter is in a consistent situation...we can get you in an apartment so the picture of your involvement changes, no more outside down our debts so we can go and finish our academic hand washes the other, both wash the face...

Jose Sanchez

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