Wednesday, June 29, 2011


life is such a fantastic treat sometimes...i lay here with my babies as they son lays distance away but his body is leaning toward me..while my daughter lays at my legs clutching them as if id disappear if she let tired but im filled with energy because im here with my kids and they make my weaknesses flutter away like so many butterflies in week our son starts school and i couldnt b happier he'll be around children his own age in an environment where he'll be challenged to his full potential..leaving me able to look for work, and or spend time with my daughter..shes potty training and its a process that is taking way to long for me..not,really but im alone in this task..her caregiver is lazy in her potty training, which leaves me feeling arrgh, but its ok..ill do it cuz im her dad, and their best can only b gotten to if i put the time into it...and for my children i have all the time in da world...i so love them that the sacrifices i make mean nothing in is beautiful, once u move past the tragedy of losing parts of u, cuz u have them...ahhh that moment is difficult to get to but im here now and,its good and was well worth the trip...tomorrow brings more joy so till tomorrow ill sleep smiling, cuz they are my earth and i feel grounded...

Jose Sanchez

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