Thursday, June 16, 2011


speaking with a brotha about his locs i recognized that i totally miss mine...i miss the transformative feeling it garnered made me carry my life as a tree in a way...cuz hair does begin wit a root and grows forth so each year i used to mark where i was with my life alongside the length of my growth...i only made it into pre puberty with my growth before the sheer weight of it shook me and i cut them off...but i was whole with them...i was rooted...and i was a part of a family so large that daily i met my relatives becuz i believe there is a secret within the locs community that i wasnt a part of before i began to grow mine...everyday id meet and greet ppl who were growing to and it was kindred and i miss that too...on a complete digression loc growers are very beautiful women they are/carry themselves men seem very well put together mentally, we're connected....even now weneva i see someone wit locs i wanna bond wit them and miss that bonding...i want to belong again to that group of not a word but its cool, its my word....this year im getting the idea of transformation...growing up doesnt mean, giving up the life u wanted to lead becuz u have a transforming im creating the merge between the life i envisioned and the life i have so that they'll become the life i lead...its a daily process to remain connected to that aim, but its that time to balance the life prior to my kids isnt gone it just took a time out...the life im leading is dull with its stress, and i miss the im changing the channel...a part of that is reconnecting to that which felt so alive to me, my roots....

Jose Sanchez

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