Monday, June 27, 2011


i wonder wat makes her so angry because i feel she takes a step back wen it comes to her own children, wen sometimes its exactly wat she does...she feels shes treated like a child wen she has to give account to wat she has planned for da day, but has nerve to ask me y i need a day, and frm wat tyme to wat tyme...y do i need to giv u account for my whereabouts...what makes u so different from me...outside of ur job and ur chillin wit fds...wat tyme r u putting toward ur children...take care of u first...that mindset sounds silly to me wen u hav children...take care of ur children first then concern urself wit makin u feel good about dare u put urself before ur kids...that last part is where da differences r btwn us...ill disregard myself to make sure our children r proper...our son is on his way to prek...she took very little part in makin that happen...but will more than likely feel good abt the accomplishment of him goin...will she be there to take him to school or pick him up no...but shes putting in those hours to give me the financial support i need to continue to b there pushing our children....i can at the very least appreciate that...but wen do i get some appreciation for doin wat u cannot isnt as if im sayin u dont want to, even though on occassion i may feel that if i ask for information to coordinate my week n da kids week n da times u r available to c them, shut up n deal wit it, cuz ur not here swit them daily...i am....and though it bothers me that i must remain strong throughout this protracted seperation i do it anyway...i love her of that im sure...i want her in my life for as long as i can hold breath in my lungs...but things need to change...i shldnt be treated like i dnt do shit or i aint shit becuz u hav issue wit the life u hav, not being da life u want...i didnt wake up ready to b a parent but i got ready...fine i dont hav a job, will that always b true y continue to harp on it considering i walk to interviews, and im managing to build my companies, while including u in them, so that u kno im serious about u being in my plans for da future...u keep me at a distance, then get mad wen i question da validity of ur statements of not wanting a divorce....i pray for da resolve and strength to isnt easy and sometimes i do get angry, hurt, frustrated, i not entitiled to feel these things and still say i love u...isnt that wat u do...

Jose Sanchez

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