Sunday, June 19, 2011

happy fathers day

today is a day for honoring men who are there raising their is my fourth fathers day...and i couldnt be more wife and partner have seperated...and ive been placed in the position of caregiver to our children...its not an uncomfortable position just one where im supposed to remain strong in all the time...and some days i feel weak to the isnt often but there are times i doubt my ability to carry the load...we're struggling to coparent, but it works and it enables us to continue building our children up, without impeding on their happiness too much....i question and doubt myself becuz im currently unemployed...and though im focused on recommitting to building both my companies i know the tremendous stress it places on my wife that she is the sole bread winner...i know somethings would be different if i were working now....and though she may not recall the time she told me to take the time off from work to re-engage and re-energize so that i could come back to working with a healthier attitude and a healthier body, i took her advice...i feel better able to care for myself and the kids...i feel up to taking care of the tasks of governing my own life, and its current position...i just dont know what the future holds with a job...i go out put in apps all the time but still i remain unemployed...i dont always allow that stress to mess with my outlook, but i do allow her perception of me sitting still to affect how i feel about myself which i hurt back...this has to change if we are to successfully negotiate the temperment of our lives in connection with one another...beyond that today will be a good day for me to breath...and thats what i plan on doing...just breathing

Jose Sanchez

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