Wednesday, June 22, 2011

today then the next day and da next

this is the tone of my life, this is how i breathe...swallow, cough if u must just dont let it out, its a game of mental will power...diminshing that light that struggles, savagely striking you, slow burn of then the next day and da next...slowly putting one foot in front the other, gather speed,and push on, this is da climb outta this funky overly emotional state of being...u push on...i could lose control over it and allow it to cloud me over wit needs bent toward rage, solve nothing, gain nothing, learn nothing...just repeating the same steps that keeps me glued to the same channel everyday, but that tube aint lookin at u, we r not connected, there is no relating to one another...maybe the time has come to say enough and decide to look for alternate sources of stimuly...i want to breath faster but not be hurried....i want to stretch and find nothing to grasp...i want to hurl myself forward, rite off the abyss, laughing at the surprise of its ending being nothing like wat i imagined...of the reality that fuck it wat does it matter anyway....i want to piss off life, but demand that i get an A for effort..really an A++, i want to wake up and today is da only day i wanna c...yeasterday is gone, shake it off and proceed wit today....tomorrow dont exist so y b concerned wit it...

Jose Sanchez

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