Saturday, June 18, 2011

once upon a time

im completely wrapped in smiles looking at this moment..a perfect moment of joy...once upon a time i was this lil boy who found wonderment in my own being...i was a superhero fighting my arch nemisis...i was a simple boy engaged to my boundless curiousity...i twinkled like so many of the unseen stars in the nyc skyline....i was powerful, my imagination feed me spinach like popeye....i could shake the wind and blow down skyscrapers.....this heavenly feeling of freedom overcomes me as i continue to stare at this picture of my son....all the memories come flooding back of my own childhood so wrought with fear, oppression of my spirit, hazy moments of happiness and im shaken to the point of tears...mine will never know those children will never have to feel they have to earn moments of pleasure like son will not become a manchild before he finishes being a boy....i want to extend his childhood till hes too old to hang out with me....i want happiness to envelope them, to sheath them from some of the hard times they may have to go through to make it through only sad i wasnt a part of this day....
Jose Sanchez

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