Monday, June 27, 2011

is it worth it

i can feel the heat of rage and frustration rising from u, and i understand it...these r ur children and u should have unrestricted access to them...but this is her house and she has all rights to say u cant be there regardless...and im simply too tired of fighting the two of u over the kids...i do the best i can to get u as much access i can while u still dont have a place of ur own...i know how sad u feel not being able to be around more for ur children, and i completely sympathize with ur plight of having to work those hours to provide wat u can....i can appreciate the overwhelming stress ur under which added together would lead u to jus want to go out and drink urself to relief...i feel the same way...i hate feeling like im a burden to u...its all wearing on me as working on my end to lessen that burden, and ask for a bit more patience and just less attitude from u...i know it isnt intentional all da time either one of our attitudes but we both need to breath a bit before we respond to one another...fighting with one another doesnt help any...not communicating with one another is killing us...and we need each other to maintain our children in da best possible way...i hope we can continue finding and building roads and bridges to having a healthier relationship...always with and in love

Jose Sanchez

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